– Vegan Favorites –

Voted best vegan sushi 2018



Vegan small plates

Oyster Mushroom Skewers 6

grilled oyster mushrooms topped with scallions and sesame seeds

Vegan Mushroom Tenders 6.5

tempura panko fried oyster mushrooms, topped with micro sprouts, vegan spicy mayo sauce

Sweet & Sour Tempura Mushrooms 8

tempura fried oyster mushrooms, sauteed in our sweet and spicy sauce topped with scallions

Portobello Fries 6.5

tempura fried portobello wedges topped with togarashi, served with vegan aioli and vegan ponzu

Grilled Asparagus GF 8

grilled asparagus served with a side of vegan aioli

Vegan Fried Brussel Sprouts GF 8

served with house vegan mayo

English Cucumber Salad GF 7

whole sliced cucumber served with carrot ginger dressing or miso dressing

Wakame Salad GF 7

seaweed salad

Spicy Stir Fried Green Beans 7

pan fried green beans in a house made spicy garlic sauce with sesame seeds

Fried Smashed Potatoes GF 8

marbled potatoes, boiled then smashed & fried, served with spicy garlic mayo

Agedashi Tofu GF 8

gluten free fried tofu on a bed of green tea soy broth with ginger and green onion

Vegan Secret Tofu GF 8

gluten free fried tofu tossed in our house vegan mayo topped with scallions

Vegan Tempura 10

tempura fried mized seasonal vegetables served with housemade green tea soy dipping sauce

Vegan Chef Choice Nigiri 15

6pc seasonal chef choice vegetables served over rice with individual garnishments

Signature vegan rolls

Vegan Firecracker 13

spicy eggplant & panko fried jalapeno, topped with avocado, marinated eggplant (nasu), jalapeno & sriracha

Veggie Zig Zag 11.5

tempura yam, zig zag sauce, avocado and scallions wrapped in soy paper *contains cream cheese

Vegan “Spider” 13

tempura oyster mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts, asparagus and spicy vegan mayo

Henny Roll 9.5

fried tofu, wakame, daikon and vegan spicy mayo

Cosmo 11.5

fried tofu, asparagus, cucumber, lemon topped with avocado, spicy onion slaw, scallions and chili oil

Veggie #1 9

asparagus, cucumber and avocado, topped with soy marinated spinach

Vegan Spicy Tuna 8

spicy eggplant roasted with garlic and chili, served with daikon

Veggie Midtown 9.5

avocado, asparagus and cucumber, soy wrapped & fried, topped with sriracha and scallions

Vegan OMFG 12.5

daikon, grilled oyster mushroom, avocado, asparagus topped with onion slaw and sriracha

Vegan Irishman 12.5

tempura yam, avocado, topped with marinated eggplant & seasoned brussels sprouts

Can You Dig It?! 13.5

grilled yam, tempura green bean with avocado topped with avocado, onion, cabbage slaw, kaiware, chili strings and capers

Benjamin Button 12.5

fried tofu & asparagus, avocado, fried potato, spicy aioli, scallions & green tea soy

Top Shelf 13

fried green onions and t empura yam topped with sweet & sour tempura mushrooms

Famous Javis 12

fried green bean and spinach roll deep fried, topped with avocado, brussel sprouts and vegan garlic mayo


20% Gratuity Will Be Added For Parties of 6 or More