To be eligible to play 52 No JOKe card game

  1. Mention the FB you

  2. Must be follower or like our FB page

  3. Entire party sat before 5pm.

Must complete all 3 steps before the bill has been presented


Server will present a deck of cards. You get to draw 1 card

Draw a Joker =[ $25 off Bill

Consolation Prize - 10% off Happy Hour


Must be used with current bill. Can not be used at a later date. No cash value.

Tax and Tip not included.

If Bill is under $25 -You may not ad more to the bill. Tax and tip still due. No change given.

We only allow 4 winners per evening. Contest ends after # 4 until next day.

10% is discount is must be used with current bill. Not valid any other time.